Roger McGuinn Not Interested In David Crosby’s Byrds Reunion Idea

The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn has declined an offer from David Crosby for a possible reunion.

Crosby had asked his former Byrds bandmate in a tweet whether he was interested in reuniting for “a couple of Byrd dates?”

McGuinn didn’t respond to the tweet, but his representative told Rolling Stone, “Neither Roger or Chris entertain the idea of a Byrds reunion. Roger was just tired of David crying about being hated. DC is not hated but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to work with him.”

In a recently released documentary, David Crosby: Remember My Name, Crosby opened up about his beef with old bandmates Neil Young, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills as well as McGuinn. In the doc, Crosby says that McGuinn “really dislikes” him.

“I still have friends, but all of the guys I made music with won’t even talk to me. One of them hating my guts could be an accident. But McGuinn, Nash, Neil and Stephen all really dislike me. Strongly. I don’t know quite to how to undo it,” Crosby says in the documentary.

However, McGuinn responded to Crosby’s claim directly on Twitter, saying he does not hate him.

“Hey @thedavidcrosby you’re saying I won’t talk to you and hate you. That’s just not true!” he tweeted.

Crosby quickly responded to McGuinn positively and suggested a possible onstage collaboration.

“Thanks Roger ….must have got you mixed up with those other guys …so ..want to do a couple of Byrd’s dates ? I’ll just sing harmony …no talking ….?” Crosby asked on twitter.


Source: RTT News

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