Frank Zappa Coloring Book Due Out In November

Frank Zappa’s estate has authorized the release of a new coloring book due out in November.

The “Frank Zappa Coloring Book” was designed by David Calcano and Lindsay Lee and will feature 72 new pieces of artwork ready for coloring. The coloring pieces will feature references, in-jokes and Easter eggs for Zappa fans.

“There is no one like Frank Zappa, and there will never be anyone like Frank Zappa,” Calcano said in a statement. “He carved his own genre with pure genius.”

“Every record he did gave us a different experience, that was our main inspiration for this book, let your imagination free and color while listening to Zappa music,” he added. “What’s better than that?”

Ahmet Zappa, one of the late musician’s sons, said he was “blown away” by the book

“This entire project brings the biggest smile to my face,” Zappa said. “People who don’t like coloring books, I fear, are dead inside.”

He added, “I’m so happy the Zappa Coloring Book exists, and I worship David Calcano and his team at Fantoons. They make everything better.”


Source: RTT News

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